Bonrix Vehicle Identification System For Residences, Commercial Complexes, and Societies using Vehicle Number Plate Detection

The system checks the recognized number plate against the database of registered vehicles. If a match is found, the system retrieves the owner's name, contact number, and other relevant information.
c. Access Control:
The system logs the date and time of entry/exit.
If the owner's information matches the database, the vehicle is granted access.
If no match is found, the system denies access and notifies security personnel.
d. User Interface:

Authorized personnel can access the system through a user-friendly interface.
They can filter and search for specific data, view entry/exit records, and manage camera settings.

a. Real-time Monitoring: The system continuously monitors vehicle movements at entry and exit points in real-time.
b. Data Filtering: Authorized users can filter and search for specific data based on date, time, vehicle owner, or other criteria.
c. Security Alerts: The system alerts security personnel when a vehicle's owner information does not match the database, providing an extra layer of security.
d. Camera Settings: Users can adjust camera settings, such as sensitivity and scan interval, to fine-tune system performance.
e. Scalability: The system can be easily expanded to cover additional entry and exit points as needed.
a. Enhanced Security: The system ensures that only authorized vehicles and owners gain access to the society or gated community.
b. Improved Access Management: Efficiently manage and monitor vehicle access with accurate data.
c. Accountability: Keep a detailed record of all vehicle entries and exits for future reference and security audits.
d. Convenience: Authorized users can quickly access relevant information through the user interface.
The Society Number Plate Scanning System is a sophisticated solution that enhances security and access control within a society or gated community. By utilizing video cameras and advanced image recognition technology, it provides real-time information about vehicles and their owners, ensuring a safer and more efficient environment for residents and visitors.

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